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Accounting Advent Calendar – free gifts every day in December

This year, we’re giving gifts away every day between December 1st and December 24th! Sign up to the Accounting Advent Calendar and get something awesome in your inbox every business day in December. Starting December 1st, we’ll send you an early Christmas present every day via email. There will be giveaways, free content, special discounts, …

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Bizink’s Guide to Getting a Great Case Study (with free email template)

What is a case study? You’ve probably heard (or already have some) testimonials. They’re short statements from a client that communicates their feedback on your services, based on their personal experience. Testimonials are great but case studies are even better. Case studies go more in-depth to find out the results you were able to achieve …

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Free Lead Generation Infographic

In our recent webinar we ran a survey asking the accountants and bookkeepers in attendance how many leads they get from their websites. 57% told us they get no leads from their website! On the other hand, we work with many firms who get several leads from their website every week. Many of these leads become longstanding …

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How to market your accounting firm in one minute a week

What is your most precious resource? For most accountants, it’s time. With a full schedule, something has to give and marketing often gets dropped. Sound familiar? Then come along to our webinar where Matt Wilkinson, CEO of BizInk, will show you how to market your firm online in as little as one minute per week.